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Worried about heart disease, diabetes and/or obesity?

Then Don't Worry - we've got your back (and the rest of you too)!


Clear Pricing, Clear Process & Clear Results!

Are you ready to beat your sugar addiction and live your best life? You deserve it and you’re worth it! That’s right, you deserve a life you don’t need to take a vacation from, a body that you feel good in, a relationship that lights you up, friends that inspire you, and adventure in whatever shape that looks for you. 

With 7 years of coaching experience, I will help you feel and be your best through food and lifestyle changes that are based on real science and real psychology without the trendy, hippy-dippy, fluff that a lot of other coaches utilize.

I work with people who are experiencing health issues or are concerned about developing what we call The Big Three™: Diabetes, Heart Disease and Obesity! 


Together, we will have you moving boldly in the direction of your dreams. Let’s make your life as fabulous as you want. Our Eat and Live Healthy Eating Programs™will help you eat right, lose weight, increase your energy level, reduce your stress and help you sleep better.

Our Coaching Packages are designed with YOU in mind and is never a one size fits all experience. However, there is one common thread, together we figure out why you are stuck and change your thought process. When you change your thoughts, you will change your life!

There's no better time to get healthy than now, and there is no better way to get healthy than with the BHQ Eat and Live Healthy Programs™ and Coaching Packages.

About Christine


Coaching Packages

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Life Coaching involves an investment of your time as well as a financial one, and making that decision means a commitment to change for the better, just as if you were hiring a Personal Trainer for your health and fitness.

See the Coaching Packages page for more information, and if you're interested you can book a free consultation to talk to me personally before you decide.


6 Week
Eat Healthy

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Are you ready to build confidence about what to eat?

In our 6 week Eat Healthy Program™, you will learn what really works for your body, which foods give you energy, and which ones take energy away.  You’ll learn how to implement eating ways that are actually enjoyable, fun and easy! 

No magic diet pills, no gimmicks, just time-tested approaches that work well for busy, active people! This program includes six coaching sessions.

  • Do you have extra pounds that won’t come off with diet and exercise?

  • Do you have headaches or allergies?


  • Do you frequently feel bloated, gassy or gurgling in your belly?

  • Do you tend to feel lethargic or experience brain fog during the day

  • Do you have cravings for sugar or starchy foods?

  • Do you experience pain, muscle achiness, or stiffness in your joints?

  • Do you feel anxious, upset, nervous, or downright cranky?

If you answered “Yes” to any of these questions, you would greatly benefit from the BHQ 6 week Eat Healthy Program™!



6 Week
Live Healthy

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If you’ve tried dieting and keep finding yourself feeling fatigued, stressed and just down on yourself day-to-day then there’s a bigger meaning as to why you haven’t been able to find  & live in that sweet spot!

In this 6 week transformational journey, we will discover what’s been holding you back from having the health & life that you & your body deserves and to break those bad habits from ever coming back again in just 6 sessions!     

These sessions will help change your relationship with your thoughts to gain true freedom and peace of mind to help you find new perspectives and take bold action towards what you desire.


In the BHQ 6 week Live Healthy Program™ you will:

  • Feeling and looking great starts on the inside & works its way out to the outside. It’s a profound satisfaction that emanates into all corners of your life. When you are taking care of your health from the inside out, your entire life begins to grow & blossom!

  • Work on all areas of your life including activity, stress, sleep, relationships and how you interact with the world.

  • Transform your knowledge into SUSTAINABLE ACTION so that taking care of your overall health & wellness develops into good habits & behaviors that become a part of your lifestyle!


 Interested in working together? Sign up for a free 30 minute mini-session with Christine where we talk about what's going on for you and we’ll explain more about the plan to help you achieve your goals!